8 ways to implement automation into your business

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2020 taught us the importance of work/life balance as the 9-5 desk job gets replaced with remote working and working from home opportunities. With a new emphasis on spending time with those who matter, the focus is on working smarter not harder.

Technology can help us become more productive, and one way of doing this is incorporating automation into the workplace. Automation is the process of removing a manual based task and replacing it with technology that can complete the task automatically.

Benefits of Automation

Automation helps remove mundane tasks from the everyday role, giving the employee more time to focus their skill set elsewhere. Studies have shown that employee morale in is higher in companies that have incorporated automation into their workplace. Additional benefits include:

  • Higher productivity levels
  • Reduced costs
  • Lower risk of mistakes due to human error

Not only does Automation save time and money, but it can also reduce paper wastage in the workplace. Efficient and eco-friendly!

 8 ways to implement automation in business


We use email so frequently throughout our working day (and in our personal life too) so why not automate it where possible. Emails have plenty of opportunity for automation including:

  • Send action triggered emails to potential clients or subscribers of your business
  • Automatic replies for out of office
  • Email automation can be personalised using an email marketing platform. This means you can automate the process while keeping emails personal to your customer.
Document Generation

One of the biggest risks of manual entry of data or documents is human error. Automation of documents can remove the risk of mistakes being made. Using automation, the system will create documents based on a set of predetermined rules that have been inputted by the user. Examples of this could include:

  • Letters from the bank advising costumers of a change in interest rates
  • Invoices or receipts activated by a trigger or action
  • Company reports
CRM Systems

CRM systems support a wide range of automation to improve productivity and customer experience including:

  • Marketing i.e., lead generation
  • Sales i.e., task and lead assignments
  • Services Automation i.e., chatbots
Microsoft 365

Many IT systems are now designed to be automated like 0365. 0365 is equipped with tools and functions for automation including: document generation, governance, and asset management.

Check out our previously blog on how to Automate your business with 0365 for further information.

Human Resources

Automation is used in HR to maintain a professional image and ensure all documents are within legal compliance. Automation can be incorporated into a wide range of HR tasks such as:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Internal communication notices including bonus information or changes to services
  • Payroll

With so much to organise, it’s likely sometimes things will slip. For instance, forgetting to set up that important reoccurring meeting. This is where automation can help. When organising a meeting select the ‘Recurring meeting’ button to schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings. This will add the meeting to everyone’s calendar and remove the need for setting up a meeting every week.

Action list reminders

Use workflows to help keep track of action items and to trigger notifications for actions that have been sitting for a specific period not finished. Do this using a task management programme like Trello or Slack.


Keeping your business safe online is vital, especially if you’re a company dealing with sensitive information. Automation such as two factor-authentication can assist with keeping your business safe and secure. Customer are sent a unique code through automated SMS to validate their identity, giving your company one less task to complete.

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