Best Business Antivirus for 2021

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Keeping your business operations safe and malware-free isn’t always easy. You might ask yourself, why do I need antivirus? There are security risks everywhere. Not to mention, that with remote working on the rise, so many employees are using their own devices in addition to work computers.

You need business antivirus that works for you. But how do you find the right one? What to look for?. We’ll discuss 5 popular providers so you can make an informed decision…



Fortinet has been trailed and tested against many big brand competitors, one of it’s key selling points is its cost. FortiClient is available as a free download for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, and Android.  With users boasting about the ease of set-up, its benefits outweighing the cons greatly.




·         Widely accessible and free anti-virus protection

·         Easy to use interface

·         Easy installation process – no downtime required

·         Remote workers connect to the software via a VPN

·         Web filtering component to block malicious webpages

·         Fortinet will check for potentially dangerous malware


·         Parental control system limited

·         Turning off parental control disables anti phishing and malicious URL blocking

·         Can be less effective at blocking new harmful URLs.


 Overall score

 Palo Alto

Praised for its compatibility with other Palo Alto products and super quick detection of malicious files, Palo Alto comes highly recommended by its users. Users can be confident that threats to their hardware will be detected in real time


·         Simplistic interface and ease of scalability.

·         Costs are competitive with similar products

·         Operates a real-time threat intelligence system

·         Zero day detection


·         Palo Alto could support a wider range of large file uploads

·         Global VPN Set up may be slightly difficult for less technical users


Overall score


Recommended best for personal or individual use, Kaspersky offers its users a 30-day free trial to test out if this anti-virus protection is the best fit for them.

 Kaspersky is recommended for those who are looking for basic security protection.



·         Operates an excellent URL blocking system

·         Multiple anti-virus scan options


·         Can become costly, users will have to switch to the premium version to unlock additional features

·         Basic package is only available for Windows operating system, Mac and for Mobile use, Kaspersky users will have to upgrade to a premium package


 Overall score  


Webroot has been commended for its efficient install time. Webroot is described as a ‘lightweight’ anti-virus solution as the majority of the software is located on the cloud, meaning that little space is taken up on the user’s hardware



·         Little to no impact of device processing speed

·         Live scan allows for threats to be caught in the early stages


·         The administration portal can be difficult to navigate

·         Webroot could be difficult for users to navigate that are not as tech savvy


Overall score


Recommended for multi-device households, McAfee can be used for Windows, Mac and IOS devices. This anti-virus solution can be used on up to 10 devices, making it suitable for a small business or household protection.



   Robust fire wall and good malware protection score

·         Vulnerability scanner detects products that need a security update



·         During lab testing, it is reported that McAfee has missed several cyber attacks

·         While McAfee, is compatible with Mac it is less feature rich that other anti-virus protections.


 Overall Score

Anti-virus you can have confidence in

 If you use your computer for social media, online banking, or emails, then you must make sure you are protected against cyber-attacks.

Fortinet and Palo Alto come out on top in the battle of the anti-virus. With a user-friendly interface and excellent protection capabilities, it’s clear that these Anti-virus solutions can give you the confidence that your business and personal information is secure.

 If you would like more advice on the best anti-virus software for your business needs, get in touch with a member of our team.


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