What is a managed firewall and do you need one?

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Firewalls are fundamental for protecting your business. It acts like a barrier, sitting between a trusted and untrusted network, potentially blocking malicious sites.

Using predetermined security rules, a firewall will monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic to your business.

Do I need a managed Firewall for my business?

Managed Firewalls help to protect the flow of sensitive data. For many companies dealing with large volumes of sensitive data such as:

  • Medical records
  • Financial records
  • Personal Data i.e., Home address, National Insurance Number/Social Security Number

they are mandatory for GDPR. For industries where Managed Firewalls are not mandatory, they are still good practice and a core part of keeping your business safe from cyber attacks or social engineering scams.

Blocking Unauthorised users

Managed Firewalls are the first step in your security amour, blocking scam attempts before they snowball into bigger problems such as ransomware attacks.

A firewall will detect when an unauthorised user is trying to access your system, and block access at that initial stage. This can detect where there are possible weaknesses in your security system and lead to tightening of security systems before the company becomes at further risk.

Better productivity levels

Not only is a Managed Firewall your line of defense against a security attack, but it can also help productivity.

Having a managed Firewall, means your team can focus on their daily duties rather than focusing on if the sites they are visiting are secure. A remote Firewall manager will be responsible for monitoring your system and preventing threats, so you don’t have to! Leaving your staff free to use their skill-sets where required.

How to get the most out of my Firewall?
  • Update and audit your firewall regularly
  • Don’t have multiple firewalls
  • Ensure configuration settings are correctly set on your Firewall
  • Firewall and Anti-virus are not the same thing so continue to use Anti-virus to keep your system secure
  • Ensure everyone in your business has a basic understanding of what your Firewall does
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